Customization or Premium setting service request form

Recently, there are many customers who customize or setup service our theme through the 3rd part companies or freelancers.
We have heard that it’s sometimes not a good result and made bigger problems. (such as update conflict or made wrong code etc)

If you want paid customization service, please contact us first if we can do the paid service. We will get you back if it’s possible to handle by our developer team.

Please add only numbers (price) in USD
How many days or By when ( if you have )
If you describe it with a screenshot, it will help us understand what you want. Please use these sites when attaching screenshots to us.
There are a few things to remind you for our customization guide.
– The payment should be paid in advanced via paypal. We will refund you fully if we don’t make your requests. ( if it's a big amount, it's also negotiable. ex. milestones pay )
– We reserve the right to use similar features to your customization on our future updates. This is simply because we don’t want any conflict or limitations on our development for later features or we do not want to cancel a planned updated or added feature simply because somebody made a customization request.
– If you have any problems about customization, you have to confirm and let us know within 7 days. Sometimes, the feedback takes too long and we can't hold it very long time.