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Lava addons, Woocommerce addons compatibility
As we have already stated (, , … etc ), there are some addons for advanced features such as more map styles, more layouts, more options.

Our theme have already so many features.  please have a look at this demo without any addition plugins .
Addons are only for advanced options if you need.


Addons are for only advanced features. many of people don’t need claim, advanced maps, 3d view, header search.. etc..
You just need to purchase what you need as advanced options.

lava addons are already extremely cheap (it’s on 90% sale. they are almost free)
lava team members used to work with us. that’s why we could make them cheap as a partner. addons will be on sale for a while.


Woo-commerce plugins (booking, vendor.. etc) : we worked on compatibility with woocommerce plugins as users require.
We tried to offer cheaper price. unfortunately woo commerce doesn’t have any deal plans. you have to purchase them individually on woocomerce site.

If you want to know how vendor and booking works, you may need to see woocommerce instruction.
There are instructions and support team for each plugins.
We have only worked on compatibility for our team and these plugins. it’s from our clients requests.
And Lava team created addon plugins to make them (our theme and WC plugins)

For Menu cart, we use a free plugin
You can use any plugins you have. as long as it works properly and with our theme.

Thank you,