[ Notice about New Support Site ]

We have also created a new support site. This support site is no longer available. If you have more questions, please visit the new support site and create tickets.
New Support Site : http://javothemes.com/support
Please back up if you have any important data in this support site. It will keep for a while for your backup and closed in a certain period.
>> v3 Update Notice(Please check it) <<

Migration V3 from V2

We are glad to annouce that we have released V3 version.

If you are using V2 and migrate to V3, you may need to consider some parts.

While we progressed on the v3, we made an effort for the speed improvement and added great functions and designs via the compatibility work with the powerful plugins.
Therefore, we had to change the framework for this and build from scratch some major parts. that’s why the data types, shortcodes are different between v2 and v3.
V3 is quite different one and new framework. we have created a javo map framework for our themes which are based on map.  you now have a choice to use one of 2 themes.

First of all, You should consider whether you keep using the v2 or update to v3.
V2 is still a great one. if you are happy with V2, you should keep using it. it has most of important and major features and works fine. don’t worry updates.We will continue working on V2’s maintenance; it won’t be disappearing and will continue to be available. The newest V2 is always included in the download packages.

If you decide to update to v3, you need to migrate data from V2 to V3 with a plugin.
And then, you should set up the pages. Because there are a lot of differences between shortcodes used for v2 and v3 .
We’ve removed the v2 shortcodes to create more outstanding shortcodes via ‘The grid’plugin we newly added for free.

We recommend that you make migration with v3, of course.

Please use this plugin and instruction. here

[Note]  If you had customized v2, please consider that we may not be able to help you move your customized parts. As you may know, we don’t basically help customized themes. . Items could be changed by using migration plugin to be used for v3.

============= Addons for V2 users ===============

V3 needs to use the third party plugins for advanced features. Some of the advanced features included in V2 may not be available in V3. If you migrate, you may lose those features. However, if you had used an advanced feature in V2 that isn’t part of the V3 theme, then you would need to purchase a third party plugin – which can be found for around $5 on average from Lava-Code.

However, our support team will provide you a coupon if you purchased our theme before Oct. 30. 2016.

It’s very a great deal with a coupon for addons. as you may know, lava addons are already super cheap at this moment. ( http://lava-code.com/directory/shop/ )
( Addon price is mostly from $20~$300. but lava plugins are mostly $1~$10 ). you can check it out on other directory themes or any addons.

You can also purchase some of new feature addons such as “header search, Email approval, Advanced map, Advanced contact form” and there will be “advanced single listing page” ( there will be V2 style single style, javo spot single page style + changing options on some parts)

V2 has each different codes for each features (ex. maps). therefore it’s not easy to add new features for each codes. ( ex. 1 new feature and need to add 3~6 codes. that’s why we created new framework for better updates which are different from V2)

Please make sure that it’s for only lava plugins with partnership with our team. it’s not included for woocommerce plugins (booking, vendor). we have tried to be an affiliate with woocommerce for better price for our buyers.  but they don’t offer.

Please don’t miss great deal of lava addons. the price can be changed without any notice.

*** IMPORTANT For V2 users who consider to update V3 ***
Please keep using V2, if you like it and not happy with V3 features or addons. V2 is still great one and enough to use a directory theme.

If you have more questions, please feel free to create tickets.

How to get coupon : contact javo support team with your purchase code to check your purchase day. ( How to your purchase code )

Thank you,